The challenges of loving a younger man-Age is just a number

The challenges of loving a younger man or Age is just a number

The challenges of loving a younger man is different from the challenges of loving a younger woman. Loving a younger woman – the age is just a number ?

Loving a younger woman

How much we approve or we disapprove them, we stumble upon couples with a large age gap everyday. But it is not only about what we read in glossy magazines or what we see on TV. Also, there are not only the rich and famous, the celebrities and the super powerful ones.

As a matter of fact, in most of the cases, it is the middle age guy living down the road. Owner of a small shop or mid-level administrator in a company, divorcee, driving a teenager car, bold and chubby, he is more than willing to pay for what he cannot get otherwise. Each time he takes out his wallet to pay for that fabulous dress, or those designer shoes, or that expensive seafood dinner, eyes go on the pretty face clinging on his arm. Younger than his daughter, impossible minis, fancy tastes, she is getting what she wants. Or at least, what her wardrobe wants.

Loving a younger man

Age is just a number

The challenges of loving a younger man

But everyone raises an eyebrow, when the fresh retiree lady enjoys a cocktail and the jokes of a younger companion. Suddenly, age becomes an insurmountable matter and everyone fusses on how such relationship is not tenable. Or how it is not possible for a younger man to love an older lady.

Conveniently, everyone overlooks how an older lady has so much more to offer than the ‘daddy’s wallet’. If the man just pays, the lady puts her heart on the table. If the man stirs up admiration, the lady only stirs up controversy. If the man can sit back and enjoy, the lady worries.

Real Problems in The challenges of loving a younger man ?

First, the age thing is coming back over and over again. All the friends will beg for caution and triple check with her whether she thought or not what would happen a number of years from now. They will preach that how older she will get, more apparent the age gap will become.

Then, her tastes will be presented as unbeatable reasons against her love choices. If she loves sitting by the fire and knitting while the partner would attend a football game, this becomes an invincible reason to prove the two are a terribly bad match. What if she enjoys listening to 70s music, while he is a rapper? Just imagine what a huge problem. I won’t even mention the awful situation in which she watches soap operas while he is playing computer games.

The kids issue will be mentioned so many time that she may even start believing it. ‘What if he will want children?’ her best friend will ask ‘What will happen then?’ and an entire scenario may roll on, leading undoubtedly the crush of the heart of our beautiful, older lady, who would be left for the first younger woman who could carry a pregnancy.

Age is just a number

Certainly, no one would ever mention how the partner will keep her younger, how he will see beauty where others might see wrinkles, or how he will make her feel special. With the condition to truly love her.

About bad matches of tastes? Or having or not having children break-ups? Or leaving your wife for a younger woman? That can happen to anyone, regardless their age.

The challenges of loving a younger man?  The only thing that matters here is the true love. Only about it you should care, ladies, only for it you should look. And don’t forget: age is just a number!


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