A huge meeting organized through social media on the title – DIASPORA COMES HOME – took place in Bucharest – on 10 August 2018

Why Diaspora ?

The meeting  follows the line of the protests that started 11 years and half ago – demanding justice against corruption gathering more than 60 000 people . It is the protest of people from Diaspora    who left the country because of corruption and poverty and  who came to support the waves of protest  against the way a corrupted party governs the country

People from all over the country joined the  Diaspora in front of the government in the  Victory  square. Thousands of people in other big cities of the country are in the street protesting.

The people  chanted “resign” and “thieves”

Riot police fired tear gas into the crowd and hundreds needed medical attention.

Till for 4 PM, the gendarmerie tried to intimidate the protesters

Group of 20 agitators  threw  bottles toward gendarmes, the pretext expected by gendarmes  in order to react violently

A woman in a will chair is pushed by solder and both her and the man who was accompanying her fell down

As the woman in the will chair, the people protested peacefully but  the police gassed peaceful population

The Professor, Mihaela Miroiu , political analyst considers :

organized diversions; gendarmes hit; girs with legs or broken arms; people carried by the ambulance; chideren children in critical condition, Tear gases in countless laps. The government gasses and drowns its citizens.

The protests will continue



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