Haunted Dolls – Watch on your own risk!

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It is told that, all over the world, there are many coursed or Hunted Dolls – Watch on your own risk!

Peggy – Haunted Doll

One of them is Peggy!

She can harm people around her.

Peggy- Watch on your own risk!

Haunted Doll- Peggy – Watch on your own risk!

Only one glance to her photo can provoke nightmares, headaches, chills, strange feelings.

The paranormal Activity Investigator Jayne Harris told “Daily Mirror” that 80 people from different corners of the world complained of  fear,  that a presence freighted  them during the nights after watching Peggy’s photo.

The most terrifying  case is of a women who suffered heart attack after she  had seen the photo of Peggy in her computer

Jayne Harris tries to find out why this doll is haunted but she hasn’t succeeded yet.

The Island of the Dolls – Watch on your own risk!

Hunted dolls

The Island of the Dolls- Watch on your own risk!

On an island in the the Xochimilco area of Mexico, 50 years before Julian Santana Barrera withdrew from civilization to live in solitude there. But, when he arrived there he found a body of a little girl and her doll floating on the water.

As a sign of homage for the little girl, he hung her doll in a tree but all his life he felt  guilty that he didn’t arrive in time to save her. More than that, he started  hearing  footsteps, cries and during the moon nights he could see the shadow of a little girl  hidden in the forests of Xochimilco. He decided  to  look for more and more dolls and while finding them  he used to hung them in the trees in order to protect himself against the ghost of the little girl. 50 years he decorated the trees with other dolls until a day when under mysterious circumstances he died; it happened in   2011.

Hunted Dolls

The Island of the Dolls- Hunted Dolls

Many tourists want to visit the place but few have the courage to step on the island. And those who step there bring a doll and hung her in a tree to please  the little ghost. It is said  that those dolls whisper to each other  move their heads, their  arms and open their eyes.

Hunted Dolls- The Island of the Dolls






But the most stunning story is the story of  the so-called Okiku doll.

Okiku was bought for a 2 years old girl. The girl liked the doll very much and they where inseparable. Bur soon after the little girl died. ; it happened in   2011.  Her parents noticed that the doll’s hair was growing. They gave the doll to the temple…. Since than, the monks cut the doll’s hair periodically. It is believed that the hair belongs to the dead girl.

If you don’t believe my saying you can visit Okiku in the     Mannenji temple  in Iwamizawa City.



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