Queen Marie of Romania

Queen Marie of Romania was one of the most beautiful queen of the world.

Her Intelligence out of common was doubled by an impressive beauty.

Queen Marie of Romania , the queen with  brown silky hair with blue-silver  sparkling eyes, with steel glitter …

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Queen Marie

Origins of the Romanian Queen

Born into the British royal family, she was titled Princess Marie of Edinburgh at birth.

She was named Marie Alexandra Victoria, after her mother and grandmothers  but she was informally known as “Missy.

One of her grandmothers  was Queen Victoria  of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ‘.   She was also the   granddaughter  of   Alexander II, the Emperor of Russia.


The dreams of the teenage years

Her  teenage years were short.   She was   forced into the complicated political and diplomatic ballet  of European monarchy marriages of the 19th century.

Nobody  allowed  her to think of  her future otherwise than in terms of the most suitable marriage for European alliances.

Nobody asked her opinion, nobody cares about her feelings – she must obey to married with Crown Prince Ferdinand and so , later,  she became Queen Marie of Romania.

The fact that this marriage was established from dynastic interests  caused Marie a deep sorrow.  The two future spouses had not a say. Without love, without friendship as well as the difference in their age and temperament  was a real problem for Marie.    That’s why she was  longing for love and affection all her life.

Marie of Romania – model of devotion and patriotism

As queen, Marie  involved in the life of her country being a model of devotion and patriotism, proving real diplomatic qualities in supporting and defending the interests of Romania.

During the first world war we find her in the trenches among the combatants in the ranks advanced,  we find her in the hospitals and all the sanitary posts among the wounded and sick. Daily, Marie would dress as a nurse and go to the train station, where she would receive more injured soldiers; then she would transport them to hospital.

The French Ambassador to Bucharest made an anthological statement for those times. “There is one man at the Palace and that is the queen.”

After the war,  her diplomatic activity  made  her founder of Greater Romania. She is also one of the greatest figures of our national history.

Never forget that behind  1 December 1918 which represent National Romanian Day  was the queen Maria.

The Heart of the Queen

Queen Marie of Romania  always knew the political importance of her acts that’s why she used to say:

“Never mind, you’ll all just have to get used to accepting me with the faults of my virtues”.  If..we can named “faults” the  time when she was looking for  love, trying to find what her husband, the king didn’t give her … true  love

Her tormented sentimental life has made her to look for inner peace in her  beloved place Balcic, which she has turned into a heavenly realm.

It is for this reason that her last wish was to keep her heart in this place.

As Pascal says –  Le coeur a des raisons que la raison ne connait pas.

So , for queen Marie  the mind-heart duality was very clear.  The queen was buried   into Curtea de Arges cathedral, near her husband king Ferdinand  but  her heart was placed into a case in Balchik castle.




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