Robots – Threatening

Robots – Threatening Human Freedom, Jobs and Careers in the next few years or just now?

The Age of Robots Is Coming

It’s been said for many decades that the age of robots is coming but this sentence has never been truer. The robots are no longer coming, they are already here.

But they are not like those we grew up.

They are not the humanoid, nice or evil creatures of films such as “Alien” or “Terminator”.

Nor are the new robots just like the old-style cranes in factories, essentially mechanical devices devised to replace the hardest, most strenuous efforts on the assembly line.

True, humanoid robots exist: either as curiosities or, increasingly and worryingly for some, as sex robots. It is also true that old-style robots are, if anything, an increasing presence in factories, power-plants and the like.

But the new robots are indeed something special.

The new robots

While one could certainly call advanced software a robot, we are still accustomed of thinking as something mechanical.

So by the new robots we will understand the combination of advanced software with mechanical tools. Thus, they operate independently (for instance satellites), semi-autonomous or under strict human supervision but we choose to call all of them robots.

So, what can new robots do?

Robots can kill

It has been already fifteen years since a robot, an American drone, killed its first victim, a Radical Islamist based in Yemen.

Since, such occurrences have become so banal that they are seldom reported in mainstream media, unlike someone really famous is killed.

For instance, a few days ago a British punk-rock singer who converted to Islam was killed in a drone strike.

This, among hundreds of similar cases that happen without someone battling an eyelid.

But drones are just the beginning.

Miniaturized robots are already able to “swarm” like locusts or wild bees, penetrating enemy defenses, destroying them and, if programmed, kill military personnel.

Soon they will be available in a submarine environment as well.

Thus, robots replace soldiers, but, if allowed enough autonomy, they may and up replacing officers and, one day, even generals.

Robots watch over you


Robots in the form of combination between advanced software and cameras or mobile phones can see you –

-where you go, what you do, what you buy, when and how much?

Soon, when relatively basic technology that already exists in, for example, smart watches, will be miniaturized in chips inserted under your skin, computer will monitor all your vital functions.

Also, they will monitor  when and for how long you sleep, what do you eat and how much or how often do you have sex?

They may do so now under the supervision of humans, be they law enforcement or simply your bank or in the future your family doctor and medical insurance company.

At the moment they replace cashiers, bank tellers, clerk work in legal offices, traffic police, actuaries.

Soon they will start replacing medical assistants and doctors.

Thus,  in China a robot performed two teeth implants without any assistance from the human medical team that was supervising it.

Robots will drive you around

Fully autonomous cars already exist.

Software companies and car-making companies have already developed cars that drive by themselves and have tested them over millions and millions of miles.

Many self driving features such as autonomous parking, driving in and out of parking lots, keeping the speed, maintaining or changing the lane, breaking when spotting danger already exist on most high-end cars.

These robots will soon “talk to each other” through the internet, communicating best roads, traffic data in real time, word conditions, speed and mechanical problems.

You think that initially they will be just replacing drivers.

But by accepting this you also surrender part of your freedom.

Robots  –  Threatening  Your future

Knowing all this and the many similar inventions that will control basic functions of your house such as:

– the content of your fridge;

– the heat of water pouring from your shower;

–  the intensity of light allowed by your blinds;

Thus- you will be  worry!

Robots – Threating your job!

More than that :

Robots – Threating your key abilities of survival!

And you should think about what being human will mean in the new world of robots!



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