Romania protests for justice


The  government party managed   to amend the Penal Code. More offenses for which politicians were investigated or prosecuted, such as offense of abuse, were almost discriminated under new legislative changes

So, in Bucharest and other big cities the protests have  begun



These changes are an open door for those who want to steal public money and can save the PSD chief in court-  these is what the protesters say

Romania protests, with the exception of PSD voters formed mostly by people who do not understand what these changes of the law  mean , village residents, retired people, poor people receiving social benefits or opportunists who take advantage.

They are those who were  brought to Bucharest by  PSD – in order to demonstrate  that  the PSD party has a great support

Those who express their disagreement and who demonstrate daily – since MPs adopted these amendments to the Penal Code and to the Criminal Procedure Code – consider  this to be a coup d’etat against justice and democracy

They made these changes to save  themselves – that is the opinion of  those who went out on the street to demonstrate

Those sentenced  in prison  for corruption represent  about 1.17% of the entire prison population of Romania

For these 1%, Liviu Dragnea and PSD fire the country for one and a half years.

Also, the chef of National Anti-corruption Directorate was dismissed

on social sites we read: a criminal convicted with his party apparatus managed to dismiss  the DNA  chef

Also on social networking sites there are appeals that all of Romania should go out on the street for defending  justice and  democracy


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