About us

Humanizator is a program of our NGO- Association for Intercultural Dialogue. A.D.I. intends to allow the audience know more about the world we live in and its problems- that’s why we use Citizen Journalism!


Citizen Journalism

Media should be a means for public education and welfare; it should give truthful information, should set some standards of right behavior!

There is a big gap between how it should be and what it is like.

You must make the distinction between mainstream media and alternative media where active citizens promote the values of democracy.

So, Alternative Media (Citizen Journalism) will bring people together through a better, more correct understanding of world and social issues and spread tolerance.

  • We promote the fundamental human rights
  • We do it investigating cases
  • We encourage everybody to take attitude against discrimination

Why citizen journalism?

Citizen Journalism – will become the journalism of the future  – Being free from manipulation.

Why? Because:

  • Citizen Journalism – uses the tools of modern technology and every citizen can engage in acts of journalism.  That’s why we invite people all over the world to join us:
  • The idea of bringing people together encouraging them to share their opinions, experience  and attitudes help them understand the fact that they are not alone . First of all, people will understand that they should be together. This is a good way to solve or clarify problems and why not, a way to make the world a better place for all of us.

Our strength is that we are not under of influence of  any ideology or political orientation!  WE REALLY HAVE complete freedom of action.   Our voice will  make people aware of the danger of rising intolerance, human rights violation, discrimination of  so  many vulnerable groups, injustice, and poverty.








years of experience

Special topics for us

And Justice for all !

Is that  the Golden Dream of Humanity? Are we able  to reach the unreachable dream of  humankind? Is that an impossible dream?

Come with us to find the answer together!

Besides this, we intend to present the audience different subjects which can help them improve their knowledge, arise their cultural horizon or simply entertain.

Myth and Legend

Myth and Legend – we help us know each other better, improve intercultural communication and intercultural understanding And why not?


Urban Legends – as a form of modern folklore deeply rooted in local popular culture.

Urban legends could be named  also, contemporaneity legends as well. Don’t be worry – we don’t forget!

Activity Paranormal

We have a lot of true stories ; our stories are place  beyond the reality or between natural and supernatural. Depends on you!  Because some people find them very real, don’t be afraid ! Watch them! Finally they will like you !