Social Justice is the space for topics approaching all members of society aims in terms of opportunities, political rights, and distribution of wealth and privilege.

Together we’ll understand “What is Social Justice” , “And Justice For All “ we will be our aim.

Here the voice of human rights defenders will be heard; here we will teach together how dangerous for the society are - racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech and any kind of discrimination.
Daily Experiences can be gathered from any place, in real time, by anyone who cares about or listens to things that matter in society.

This is the fastest and easiest way to build up a network of people involved in Citizen Journalism.

Citizen Journalism can be used in order to tell individual or collective experience or to defend those in need. Also using Citizen Journalism we can expose Daily Experience regarding feelings, attitudes, behaviors.
Cultural treasure can be discovered through myths and legends, modern art, tradition and craftsmanship.

The broadcasts presented here reveal that the culture is the link which binds people beyond the differences between them as well as the best way to know each other better.

Presenting myths and legends, urban legends, tradition or modern art from different countries we will know each other better and make this world a better one.
Paranormal Phenomena leads the viewers to the realm of Activity Paranormal. Beyond the real realm our broadcast presents a world shrouded in mystery and legend.

This space contains a lot of mysteries and urban legends that make you shiver or fill with delight.

We will present materials about positive and negative energy or …bioenergy.
Intercultural Communication it is the space where we will present the dialogue between different cultures, religions, believes, between individuals or groups of different linguistic and cultural origins.

With the means of Citizen Journalism people from all over the world are inviting to send us materials about the structured manifestation of human behavior in social life within specific national and local contexts.
Throughout the World invited people everywhere to share their travel experiences and feelings, tell us about the places where they have been, people and other cultures they met.

Citizen journalism also carries us out throughout the world to the best existing places.