Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk

Assassin's Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk-Tania

Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts  Who Talk  are not a fiction.

The revenge of the ghost

In the summer of 1897 one Edward Stribbling Trout Shue was sent to jail for life.

Shue was convicted for the murder of his wife.

He ended his days in prison three years later.

Until now, nothing particularly interesting. But here is the twist.

Shue ended up prosecuted and with a conviction for murder because an actual ghost spoke against him.

The ghost was no other that the troubled spirit of his recently deceased wife. So, Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk –happened again.

What happened?

While the death of Zona Heaster was bizarre from the out-start, local authorities, including the coroner, were willing to go along with the idea that her passing was an accident caused by fainting.

Despite the weird behaviour of Shue both during the inquest, the wake and the funeral, most people did not raise any suspicions.

It was not until Zona’s mother, Mary Jane, had a visitation that things changed. During four consecutive nights, Mary Jane saw the spirit of her deceased daughter.

The dead Zona Heaster revealed that she had not died from a fall caused by fainting, but that her husband had strangled her.

Alarmed by these supernatural developments, which only heightened her distrust of Shue, Mary Jane went to the local prosecutor.

And this is when become truly special: in this case the prosecutor chose to believe in the testimony of the ghost!

The case was reopened, an autopsy was performed.

Proving the ghost right, it showed that indeed the cause of death was strangulation.

After more evidence was collected, Shue was put on trial and duly convicted.

So, again Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk- is a reality.

Was this a unique case?

Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk- is not an isolate cases.

Not by a long mile.

Seventy years before, in the English county of Suffolk, something similar happened.

In the case known as the “Red Barn Murder”, an apparition started to haunt the dreams of a woman, who quickly recognised in it her disappeared stepdaughter. The ghost was trying to show the location of her own body.

The dreams led to an inquest, the digging up of the body and the eventual arrest of the murderer.

He happened to be her secret lover and father of her bastard child.

After a trial, the English justice proved sterner and the murderer, William Corder, was hanged to death.

Ghost against murderers in fiction

While in British real life there are few examples of ghosts influencing the direct course of justice, fiction in particular does not lack such examples.

In what is perhaps the most famous case, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the ghost of the hero’s father reveals the story of his death, thus unleashing a series of most unfortunate events.

A similar thing happens in Macbeth, where the eponymous hero’s downfall truly begins with the visit of  the ghost of Banquo, a former friend of Macbeth. Banquo died because  Macbeth ordered his death.

Ghosts against killers in the Middle Ages

If we go even further back in history and myth, more ghosts appear to talk and warn about their murderers.

Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk happened often enough.

Jerome de Courcy, a Papal notary in Avignon during the 14th century, is quoted with a similar story.

When Catholic armies of the north were approaching the castles and villages of Cathar heretics in the south of France, ghosts appeared during the sleep of noblemen and peasants alike.

They were, according to witnesses later interrogated by the Inquisition, the spirits of other Cathar nobles and farmers, all killed in previous massacres. They were appearing to warn their surviving co-religionist of impending doom, while also revealing the identity of their killers.

Are the stories about –  Assassin’s Nightmare- Ghosts Who Talk- true?

Whether this is true or not depends on how willing we are to trust stories passed down to us through the centuries.

What we can say is that they were real enough in some cases.

But,  in all cases the ghosts were believed by those to whom they appeared.



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