Atlantis the legend of a lost city-Between Myth & Reality


  1. M McKenzie says:

    You have described Atlantis almost exactly as I did in a past life regression. There was a very thin but powerful dome over the top to protect the skin of the white aliens. When the war began – people were running to Atlantis and the Atlanteans were ordering to lie down, one on top of the other to make room for as many as they could get aboard. The Island was not terra firma – it was a ship. However, it was blown up – this is why we find so many pieces of it in so many places today. I’d wager that the artifacts are still showing signs of radiation. The Whites could breathe air and had gills for underwater breathing. Some got away and went North. These are your O negatives, with extra digits or webbed fingers/toes, extra-sensory abilities, and a strange obsession with aliens visiting Earth. I should know, I have spoken to members of Ancient Aliens and Nick Redfern sent me a signed book of Bloodline of the Gods to help me understand. Please read it.

    • Tania Nicolau says:

      Very interesting what you say. What war are you talking about ? Between Lemuria and Atlantis ? Which was the cause of the explosion?Thank you for your information – Keep in touch !

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