Atlantis the legend of a lost city-Between Myth & Reality

Atlantis the legend of a lost city fascinates always us and we will always try to reveal its mysteries.

The Atlantis Inhabitants

The legend says that Atlantis was a mesmerizing world, rich and lush, with luxuriant life and unprecedented beauty.

The inhabitants of Atlantis were very tall people, with white skin, big blue eyes and blonde hair.

Also, their blood might not have been red but blue.

The Atlanteans used solar energy and a system of magnetic stones and crystals to increase such energy.

However, they possessed a great knowledge of crystals as they were able to use them for a variety of purposes, such as:

-capturing the energy of the earth;

-transportation and lifting of weights;

-lighting, rejuvenation and life prolongation;

– telepath communication.

These are all fascinating details for storytellers – but is it any truth in there?

Atlantis in Plato’s work – Timaeus and Critias- about Atlantis the legend of a lost city

It was Plato who firstly  told the story of Atlantis in his works – Timaeus and Critias, around 360 B.C.

According to Plato, Atlantis existed about 9,000 years before him.

An utopian civilization and an amazing naval power, Atlantis had lush islands, with great, exotic vegetation and an abundance of precious metals.

Also, Plato argued that the founders of Atlantis were half god and half human.

Contemporary classics professor James Romm argues that Plato created the myth of Atlantis in order to explain some of his theories,  such as  the gradual corruption of human society.

Thus, in Plato’s philosophy, Atlantis tells the story of highly moral, spiritual people.

But, in time, they lost their way, they became greedy and corrupted.

Then, Gods sent a natural catastrophe to punish them, and their islands sunk into the sea for good.

Atlantis the legend of a lost city in old Peruvian legend

But the story of Atlantis might be more than a myth used for theoretical purposes.

Robert Cohen, in his book “Atlantis”, refers to a 14.000 years Peruvian legend that mentions the highly advanced society and the destroying cataclysm. Apparently, the Atlanteans foresaw the ending of their world.

Therefore, they engraved in stone fundamental knowledge elements about their society. Moreover, they placed these stones all around the world, from South America to Middle East and Asia.

‘The Stone Book’

Doctor Javier Cabrera collected such stones and founded a museum displaying them.

So, far more than 11.000 stones are on show.

Doctor Cabrera called them ‘The Stone Book’.

However, according to him, there are around 100.000 such stones.

The stones illustrate daily life scenes, but also very special ones – such as different types of surgery, anesthesia, organs transplants.

Other stones show the astronomy and the geography of the hemispheres of ancient earth. Also, stones highlight the arrangement of ancient (lost) continents.

In addition to these, some of the stones detailed journeys through space.

Moreover, they described the Pampa de Nasca (Nazca Lines) as a spaceport.


About the authenticity of the stones, NASA scientist, Josef F. Blumrich (who developed and designed the Saturn V rocket and participated in the design of Skylab) remarked:

” I am deeply impressed by what I have seen here, and I am happy to have found so much direct evidence of what I began to feel and understand before. There is not doubt in my mind about the authenticity of these stones.” – April 29, 1974

The Egyptians, the Maya and the Inca people – The Last Survivors of the Atlantis

Well-known scientists, such as Nicolai Girov (Russia), professor Andrew Thomas (USA), archaeologist Leo Forbenius (Germany) or doctor Paul Le Cour and professor Georges Barbarin (France), argue that the Egyptians, the Maya and the Inca people are the last survivors of the Atlantis.

Thus, they bring an array of archaeological, ritualic, initiatic and artistic proofs to support their claim.

For instance, using Anana’s Papyrus, they argue that Egyptian metaphysics is very similar with Amerindian beliefs.

Analyzing writing systems, Auguste Le Plongeon underlines that 13 Maya signs are identical with they Egyptian counterparts.

Moreover, even Egyptian art is similar with the Amerindian one.


Statues such as the one of Godess Xochipilli (Natioal Museum of Mexico) or the statues in the Franco from Quito collection (Ecuador) illustrate this argument.

However, the most convincing examples are probably the architectural ones: the Palenque ruins, Ocochigo, the Mitla palaces, the Xochicalco, Teotihuacan and Sihuatan pyramids, the ornaments of the Sun Temple from Cuzco, the monolithic portal of the Cyclopean Temple Tiahuanaco.

Among many others historians and archaeologists, H.S. Bellamy emphasizes the high discrepancy among the great knowledge of the Inca and Egypt people and the simplicity of their working tools.

Furthermore, historian Alexandre Kazantsev best underlines: “Thousands of years before Copernicus or Galilee, the Egyptians knew very well that Earth is a globe that rotates around the sun.

Priests, possessors and defenders of science, came to the conclusion, by way of deduction, that the Universe was infinite and populated with a great number of worlds.

They knew the elephant orbit of Earth around the sun.

All of this in the situation where they did not have an observation tool.

Thus, the architects projecting the Great Pyramid possessed a great wealth of knowledge: they knew the eccentricity of the Earth’s axis, the length of the polar ray, the dimensions of the Earth’s orbit, the distance separating the Sun, the equinox procession, the exact duration of the sidereal year, and the weight, density and surface of the earth.

What do you think about – Atlantis the legend of a lost city?

Is it not this reminding us of the legends circulating about the Atlanteans, their systems of stones and their knowledge of solar power?


  1. M McKenzie says:

    You have described Atlantis almost exactly as I did in a past life regression. There was a very thin but powerful dome over the top to protect the skin of the white aliens. When the war began – people were running to Atlantis and the Atlanteans were ordering to lie down, one on top of the other to make room for as many as they could get aboard. The Island was not terra firma – it was a ship. However, it was blown up – this is why we find so many pieces of it in so many places today. I’d wager that the artifacts are still showing signs of radiation. The Whites could breathe air and had gills for underwater breathing. Some got away and went North. These are your O negatives, with extra digits or webbed fingers/toes, extra-sensory abilities, and a strange obsession with aliens visiting Earth. I should know, I have spoken to members of Ancient Aliens and Nick Redfern sent me a signed book of Bloodline of the Gods to help me understand. Please read it.

    • Tania Nicolau says:

      Very interesting what you say. What war are you talking about ? Between Lemuria and Atlantis ? Which was the cause of the explosion?Thank you for your information – Keep in touch !

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