King Michael the last king of Romania

King Michael the last king of Romania is dying.

Michael I of Romania

Now, when King Michael the last king of Romania is dying, the last glimpses of a world  are fading away and disappearing.

For the first time, Michael became king at the age of six, when his father, King Carol II, went in exile.

Then, a regency council was instituted.

But in 1930, King Carol II returned to rule for another 10 years.

For the second time, Michael became king at the age of nineteen.


King Michael during the Second World War

There were the troubled times of the Second World War.

A wing of death shacked Europe: the Nazism, the Holocaust, the war crimes, the famine, the diseases.

In addition to these, the back then Prime Minister of Romania, military dictator Ion Antonescu, led the country into an alliance with Hitler’s Germany.

At only 23 years old, King Michael organized a coup d’état  against Ion Antonescu. Although he was not supported by any leader of the historical Romanian parties, King Michael was successful in removing Antonescu from power.

Subsequently, King Michael broke the alliance with the Axis Power (mainly the Nazis) and declared an alliance with the Allies. The allies included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America.

King Michael the last king of Romania  before exile

As no significant party leader dared to support King Michael’s Coup, the King had no choice and appointed

a pro-Soviet government under the lead of Petru Groza.

For the following period, King Michael went on a “royal strike”, attempting to oppose Groza’s Communist leadership.

But on the morning of 30 December 1947, the Groza government forced King Michael to abdicate.

Also, King Michael had all his properties confiscated, he lost his Romanian citizenship and left his country in a forcefully exile.

Private life

King Michael married Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma and they had five daughters together.

For most of the time, they lived near Versoix, in Switzerland. To support his family, King Michael worked as farmer, pilot, entrepreneur and broker.

During Revolution

For the first time, King Michael could reenter Romania on 25 December 1990 with a 24 hours visa.

He was hoping to pray at Curtea de Arges Monastery, where the graves of his ancestors are.

However, a police filter stopped King Michael and his companions, turned them back and forced them to leave the country immediately.

Eventually, in 1992, King Michael the last king of Romania officially could to return to Romania.

No other figure attracted ever so larger crowds.

Only his speech from a hotel room brought over a million people.

King Michael  returned

In 1997, after the Democratic politician Emil Constantinescu defeated the Communist-Socialist President Ion Iliescu, King Michael received back his Romanian citizenship.

Since then, King Michael lived partly in Switzerland at Aubonne and partly in Romania, at Săvârșin Castle in Arad County or at Elisabeta Palace, the official residence in Bucharest.

Later years/Public Figure

King Michael took part at the Victory Parade in Moscow in 2010.  He was  the only living Supreme Commander-in-Chief of a European State in the Second World War.

Also, the memorial in the Grand Kremlin Palace lists his name as one of only 20 recipients of the Order of Victory; it is   the most exclusive order in history.

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, King Michael delivered a speech before the assembled chambers of the Romanian Parliament.

Few months later, in January 2012, according to an opinion poll, King Michael was the most trusted Romanian public figure, far ahead of the political leaders.

On 2 March 2016, King Michael’s retired from public life.

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