Russian Revolution – The Communist Revolution 100 years

Russian Revolution marks 100 years.

The Communist Revolution or Russian Revolution  imposed the ideas of Lenin and the political and economic system of Stalin. From Havana to Phenian and from Ulaan Bataar to Addis Ababa, governments adopted Lenin and Stalin’s philosophies. Thus, the Russian communist revolution remains a paramount historical event. Furthermore, it is one of the most important events of our century.Russian Revolution - Lenin

Why is the 1917 Revolution important now?

Russian Revolution is still important now, as more and more young people share Communist ideas. Thus, one hundred years later, people face significant hardships. Therefore, they massively loose their jobs, they pay increasing prices for food, education and healthcare. The capitalist promises for better, wealthier and more fulfilling lives, did not come true. Thus, more and more people start doubting the capitalist system.

What we can learn from the Communist Revolution?

The Communist Revolution itself led to a series of extremely violent events. Therefore, millions of people lost their lives because of the Communist uprising. Hence, the first lesson we learn is the following: change, even a positive one, may start through mass violence.

The second lesson is one of unintended consequences. Most noteworthy, the Russian revolutionists started with the genuine desire to create a better world. They wanted to eradicate exploitation, to build democracy, and to empower the masses. They wanted to fight superstition, bigotry, the adulation of a powerful leader and to build equality between men and women.

But instead of this, they replaced a bad system with another bad one. Thus, the party members replaced the aristocracy, the KGB replaced Okhrana, the secret police of the empire, the cult of Stalin replaced the cult of the tsar, and so one.

Despite all good intentions, the results are very negative ones.

Russian Communist  Revolution – Can we dream of radical social change?

The Communist Revolution proves us that social change cannot take place in a radical way. Most of all, social change is happening anyway, as the economic crisis, technological leaps or mass migration point out. But we have to be careful in which direction we try to steer it.

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