Fairyland from Fagaras County, Romania

Fairyland is the realm of fairies.

Also, it is an amazing place from Fagaras County

On this  area, the fairies of the mountains build  a castle from natural materials- a mixture of clay, straw and water.

What  was the reason  this place was chosen?

Because Fairyland from Covasna county is a mysterious one

There is a Dacian  fortress and  the legend  says that it was  the last hidden place of king Decebal before he had died.

The Dacian Fortress

Archeologists discovered here ceramic pieces, coins and cult objects. They   proofed the fortress exists from the  second centuries before Christ.

The Dacian Fortress from Fairyland has become a target for the treasure hunters , but nobody discover yet the    hidden gold.

It is said that in the walls of the fortress, a  Dacian treasure is hidden.

Fairyland ’s Legend

The story goes even further and says that the secret gate of   the treasure opens one  night only,  in 7 years

Old people tell  that here would have lived– the queen of fairies – Ileana Cosanzeana. She hid her own treasure here in the valley

The treasure can be found only on a   sunny day   before saint Gorge celebration and only by the 7th child of a family

The place is worth visiting not only for its beauty but also who knows – you can find the treasure!

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