Sami from Nepal

Sami from Nepal

Sharmila  Thapa – for friends Sami from Nepal

Nepal – an amazing world

Sami helped me  discover Nepal as a new realm of an amazing world which astonished me.

Thanks to the social work of women like Sami, Nepal became a land of resilience.

Sami is working for the rights of single mother and has won an international N-peace award for her efforts.

Samida Women Development Forum

Sharmila  Thapa  created the  social organization Samida Women Development Forum which  aims   for the Empowerment of single mothers… because Nepali society perceives single mother differently. They are covered with blame and  their children have no rights because they have not identity.  Thanks to Sami , the organization struggles to provide scholarships for the children of single mother and to recognize the rights of single mothers as human rights.

Sami from Nepal – Owner of Sami b n b

Sami is a professional  guide too.

Owner of Sami b n b, Sharmila Thapa  can arrange  professional tours around Nepal’s beautiful places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini or within the city like Patan,  Basantapur can also be arranged at a very friendly reasonable price.

She also can arrange mountain treks or hikes like the Annapurna base camp or mountain flight.

Sami told me:

“We are different from others because of our location. We are situated in the middle of the city yet is a quiet residential area. All embassies are a few minutes walk away, hospital, shopping complex, transportation all are a few minutes walk. Yet the area remains undisturbed. And yes; we are very friendly. We live in the same place so we are a call away from your needs. Also we are trained trek tour guide, a beautician, chef, so we can provide all the extra things from your stay. And,  we are socially driven company, so we provide jobs and funds for needy people.

 Religions  of Nepal

But above all, Nepal is that fantastic land where you can find inner peace.

The temples have been reconstructed after the earthquake.

Pashupatinata temple,  Swayambhunath temple,  Boudhanath temple are very famous in Kathmandu.

Pashupatinath Temple, the most sacred Hindu temple in Nepal, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In February-March, the site holds the famed Maha Shivaratri, the great night of Shiva.

The Pashupatinath Temple is dedicated to Shiva as Pashupati and is a replica of the main shrine at Pashupatinath. Originally built by King Yaksha Malla in 1475 (or 1482), it is the oldest temple in Durbar Sq. Like many temples, the roof struts feature erotic images.

The Pashupatinath complex is very large, with guest houses, temples, shrines and other landmarks. Its burning ghats on the river banks are the holiest in Nepal. Burning ghats are the steps down to the river where bodies are cremated.

Located about 20 km eastern of Kathmandu and 4-5 km from Bhaktapur, there is the oldest Hindu temple.

Boudhanath is a famous Buddhist stupas *

*A stupa (Sanskrit: “heap”) is a mound-like or hemispherical structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation.

Nepal Culture

Nepal is a country with dozens of languages, and so many dialects, with a whole host of communities with distinct languages, traditions, and religions.

in Nepal,  until 1963 there was the caste system. The caste system was officially and legally abolished in 1963. The caste values persist  more in the rural zones.

Spirituality helps the Nepalese to bear the material shortages of their everyday life more easily and to better understand life.

Hinduism is the majority religion in Nepal. On the second place is Buddhism.

Nepalese society is often described as syncretic in the sense that the two religions not only coexist, but share common values that they have taken from each other. Both traditions come from India, both put a great emphasis on inner peace and promote the virtues of not harm, but good. , In fact, many people are in part Hindus, in part animists and shamans, so religion is lived in a way that is not absolutely of one kind or another, but rather hybrid, a way of living and letting others live, lives in mutual respect! Thus, the Buddha, the peace apostle, not only preaches peace among men, but peace within us and puts this as a precondition for social peace.

People believe that  Gautama Buddha, was born in the Shakya clan, and his family was  from southern Nepal.

Besides Hinduism and Buddhism, other minor religions such as Islam, the kiran and Christianity are also

Sami from Nepal

Sami from Nepal

in Nepal.

Encircled by the heights of the Himalayas and the hot jungles of the Indian plains, Nepal is the land of

peaks covered by snow, monasteries, temples, hives, mantras and  rainbows.

Thus, religion is the magic force of this mysterious landscape. Nepal  is the realm  where you can find yourself, your soul and your inner peace

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