La Blouse Roumaine

 La Blouse Roumaine  or “IA”!

On June 24th, the whole world celebrated The International Day of the Traditional Blouse Roumaine called “ia” or “ie” depending on the context.

IA  is the matrix of our cultural identity and creativity. It is the symbol of Romanian endurance for ages.

La Blouse Roumaine- painting by Henri Matisse

The name – La Blouse Roumaine –  is coming from   a painting signed by Henri Matisse in 1940, which consists of a series of portraits dedicated to Romanian IA.



In 2015, the mayor of Washington DC proclaimed June 24th, the universal day of the Romanian IA.

According to the official page of the  Online Community LA BLOUSE ROUMAINE:

This  year, people from 50  countries took part in the event. They  wear  the traditional blouse

Thus,  the Romanian blouse is recognized as an international symbol of Romanian culture. It is also  a source of inspiration for fashion creators all over the world.

La Blouse Roumaine and fashion houses

In 1981, Yves Saint Laurent created  La  Blouse Roumaine collection.

La Blouse Roumaine also  inspired Jean Paul Gautier and Kenzo.

Furthermore, the designer Tom Ford reinterpreted   la Blouse Roumaine  from the Sibiu area  with black embroidery.

Also, Adele wore it for the March 2012 American issue of Vogue magazine.

The folk dress from our native land of Beius in Romania inspired the talented Italian fashion icon and artistic director at Christian Dior –  Maria Grazia Chiuri.

But she never mentioned its origin, Romania, Bihor or Beius, the towns where the blouse comes from.

Thus, the representatives of an association in Beiuş mentioned on Facebook :

“ All we want is some written credit to be proud of our heritage as presented in Christian Dior Pre-Fall in Paris collection 2017, catalogue numbers 40 and 41.”

It is good and graceful practice to avoid cultural appropriation by acknowledging the community that created the artifact and learn a little of its history.

So, may the colourful Blouse Roumaine continue to blossom in our summers.



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