What is Child Labor ?

What is Child Labor? -Because, it  is more than a question – it is the sign of lost humanity.

Today is the World Day Against Child Labor.

Child Labor and Modern Slavery

It’s sad that in the 3th millennium we speak about child labor and modern slavery. In 52 countries of the Commonwealth, children form a significant part of the labor force.  Poverty increases   children’s vulnerability.  Desperate families  sell   their children … They know  their children will become slaves.

Handmade woolen carpet industry from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Morocco involves child labor.

Many children in Asia are kidnapped or trapped in servitude;  they work in factories and workshops for no pay and receive constant beatings.

Thus, Bangladesh has  uncovered slave camps where children as young as nine are forced to work for 40 hoursstraight processing fish.  Slaves have reappeared following the old slave trade routes in West Africa.

Therefore, the children are kidnapped or purchased for $20–$70 each in poorer states, such as Benin and Togo. After that they sell them   into slavery in sex dens or as unpaid domestic servants for $350.00 each in wealthier oil-rich states, such as Nigeria and Gabon.

What is Child Labor ? –The sign of lost Humanity!

What is Child Labor – Child Labor in Liberia

From  Monrovia, Liberia, Mark sent information for Humanizator on the issue.

Mark is Co-Founder and national Co-Chair at Citizens Action For Economic Justices,  a Civil right movement that brings together Concern Liberians, Activists, Pressure groups and Charities to address and demand Economic Justice in Liberia. He told that: one  of the  most important  and painful subject is Child labor in Liberia!

What is Child Labor ? Or what is child labor for Liberia?

Today 85% of the people in Liberia live below the international poverty line. Therefor,  they take what they can get for jobs in order to support their families. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Large corporations have taken advantage of the people in Liberia willing to work for small wages because they have no other choice. Parents have to exploit their own children and bring them to work on Firestone rubber plantations  to put food on the table.  Furthermore, this work is extremely labor intensive for anyone, let alone a child.

Mark sent us pictures which illustrated child labor in the Rock Hole community:

What is child labor?-Child labor in the Rock Hole community- Humanizator.ro

What is Child Labor ? Child labor in the Rock Hole community


This 10 years old little child is self supported and survived on a daily bases by manual rock crushing which constitute hard child labor practice in the Rock Hole community.






Rock Hole community, with over 10,000 inhabitants still lack of access to Safe drinking water and electricity while Child labor practice is a common phenomenon:

What should we do ?

What is Child Labor - Lack of Safe Drinking Water - Humanizator.ro

What is Child Labor ? Lack of Safe Drinking Water

Following Marks’s example and Citizens Action For Economic Justices organization, people have not only detected the problem!  Also,  they  started acting, getting involved in a common effort of defending the children rights.

Finally – What is Child Labor ?   First of all, Child  Labor is a nightmare and the sign of a lost humanity who wants  nothing but own interest, even at cost of losing own humanity. What about us, the other people, what will we be doing? The only thing we have left is voicing our indignation?


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