Constantin Brâncuși – The most important sculptor of the 20th century

Constantin  Brâncuși was born in the small village of Hobitza, Romania, on this day in 1876.

The Essence of Things

Constantin  Brâncuși had a significant contribution to the recreation of language and plastic vision in contemporary sculpture

Considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptor  of the 20th-century,also,  Brâncuși is called the patriarch of modern sculpture.

Constantin  Brâncuși ‘s thinking is an emotional thinking , centered on the faith of the eternal return  to the cosmos and the history of humankind.

Thus, optimism, vitality and naturalness are his allies.

Constantin  Brâncuși  anchored in a philosophy of life ( Lebensphilosophie ) out of the existentialist philosophy of his   time in France.

Constantin Brâncuși’ – The most important sculpture of the 20th century-

Constantin Brâncuși

His creation is under the sign of the cosmic mystery, an indescribable and incognoscible mystery, a mystery that surrounds us , thrilling us……He called it – destiny.

Thus, for Constantin  Brâncuși,   life as an expression of inexorable and thrilling destiny  leads to serenity, elation, acceptance and self-detachment.

So, from this telluric position derives the vitalism and geometric abstractionism of his artwork.

Due to his optimism,  Brâncuși is the one who made the stone  sing for humanity!

Constantin  Brâncuși’ famous thoughts

“Simplicity is not an end in art, but we usually arrive at simplicity as we approach the true sense of things.”

“Theories are patterns without value. What counts is action”.

“Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them”

“Nothing grows under the shadow of big trees.”

To see far is one thing, going there is another

“Create like a god; command like a king; work like a slave.”

“When we are no longer children we are already dead”


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