MARIA CIOATA & LUCIAN CIOATA –   Warm/Cold – Exhibition Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

It is the dialogue of spiritual contents, each revealing its essence through specific  means of plastic arts.

Maria & Lucian Cioata - Warm /Cold

Maria & Lucian Cioata – Warm /Cold

It is a dialogue with a great emotional load between two artists – the ceramist Maria  Cioata and the painter Lucian Cioata  – and because the relation between them are not only from artist to artist but from father to daughter – the exigency of each other is total  – because  true love cannot be other than exigent.

It is the exigence that demands balance; the balance of the opposites that harmonize between them- Thus, the two artists focus  in  uniting opposites in harmony and creating balance.

The exhibition is built under the sign of  pair opposites  Warm  – Cold.

Stepping into the universe created by the two artists, the dialogue between painted fields and ceramic constructions fascinates

Lucian Cioata’s painting of exuberant trust in which the color becomes  form,   floods  us , invading  our being;  we feel it through all the pores; we feel the taste of absolute freedom fed by severe lyrical abstraction.

Torn by figurative support, the creative impulse belongs to the color that paints  moods  and look for hidden personal meanings in simultaneous chromatic contrasts

The color Lucina Cioata uses  knows very well Jean-Paul Sartre’s saying: “Life has no meaning a priori … It’s up to you to give it a meaning, and the value is nothing but the meaning you choose.” That’s why, without any explanatory concession, the personalized color becomes  an alter ego of Lucina Cioata who asks for the essential and meaning that  is transfigured in art as value

And Maria  must respond to this demand; not as a daughter but as an artist of equal value.

The ceramic artefacts created  by Mary are loaded with heavy symbols hidden in the labyrinth  of existence. The identical inverse matrix modules to the point where they create unique shapes resonate in perfect harmony with the surrounding coloring structures, which support them, exalting a luminous empathy towards them

Arranged and re- arranged,  the modules create a Leibnizian universe, continuously according  itself –  metaphysical bricks underlying the world, revealing the author’s conception of the substance, origin and meaning of existence.

The four elements Maria works with – earth, water, wood and fire – create artifacts that invite the viewer into an initiatic journey to a center with apotropaic and purifying values through art. The labyrinth proposed by Mary is the way the artist walks to find himself among the thousands of deceptive ways. It is the reason that calms down the feelings, keeping their shining and eliminating their ephemerality.

It is the projection and the nostalgia of the infinite, passing through the musicality of bamboo yarns that enhances the harmony of the whole matching   with the chromatic layers  of each structure, opening  the initiatic path  to decipher the mystery of the labyrinth and to  find the meaning of life.


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