Ceramist – “ The Paths of the Soul” by Maria Cioata

Ceramist means creation, love and generosity.

Life and  Work

Born in a family of visual artists, her pedigree is unassailable;  she attended  the Fine Arts Faculty from Bucharest and did well; also,  at her turn, she modulated many young people as artists.

Ceramist Maria Cioata :  Her work was been included in countless  exhibitions  but the common element of her  creation is the musicality.  You can feel in all her artworks.

“ The Paths the Soul” exhibition

Today, as always, she invites us in to her world… Here  the shapes  come into being on the music of the beginning.

It’s the music of Genesis or creation because , Maria , as a  Greatest Goddess of Life and Death , turns matter into spirit.

The new added element  of this exhibition is the flight following paths known only to the soul.

"The Path of the Soul" by Maria Cioata - Humanizator.ro

“The Path of the Soul” by Maria Cioata

Ancestral symbols of light and shadow

So, during this flight Maria catches a glimpse of the eternal essences of prehistoric ancestral symbols of light and shadow, of life and death and brings them here, in front of us, in a hermeneutic attempt  to reveal the real symbol behind the apparent one; it is her struggle for a new epistemology of art.

The sense of the volume, the dialogue between light and shadow, emptiness and fullness, the swirling of the iron threads cast the  porcelains artworks in a whirling flight , swinging gently in their imaginary moves.

Thus, each form tells its fairytale from its eternal world  as they intertwine  with each other as in a growing play in non-sequential but interrelated acts .

Also, the form of each piece has an inner dialogue with its own void , whispering proudly out of pure beauty , the beauty of Eternal essence reflecting  ancestors’ symbols.

The dangled forms are suspended from the celling , displaying their interior across a complex  leafage  of relationships.

The dynamic of each artwork generates through juxtaposition of parts the exhibition as a whole.

Forms animated by the sacred fire, swirling in flight and game of sparks bestow  with eternity the creative second. It is  the magical moment of the soul on the path of eternal youth.


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