The Most Beautiful Wedding

The Most Beautiful Wedding

The Most Beautiful Wedding is everybody desire.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding   is that moment in time of   which everybody dreams with curiosity and joy.

Even if the wedding ceremonies are different in different cultures the wedding structure is the same:

wedding ceremony when the documents are signs and the vows are made and the reception.

I will present you some of the most interesting customs and rituals.

I will begin with Bangladesh because a very good friend of mine HUSNA MURAD, from Bangladesh,

sent for Humanizator   an article and photos from her sister wedding.

Bangladesh-  The Most Beautiful Wedding

Like in most many of the world, wedding ceremonies in Bangladesh are  with pomp and zest.

There are two types of marriages in Bangladesh – Muslim marriages and the Hindu marriages.

These types of marriages have in common a lot of rituals.

Wedding Preludes:

Two days   before the wedding day- Henna ceremony takes place at the bride’s home.

Also, the next day-   turmeric ceremony takes place both at the bride’s and groom’s home.

So, during this ceremony, families bring  turmeric paste which is put all over the  face and  body of the bride and groom.

Wedding Ceremony for Muslim

For Muslim, on the day of wedding, the couple  will  sit close to each other in the presence of a Muslim priest called a Kazi.

Both the bride and the groom are together with   their respective relatives and friends.

The kazi asks for consent from the bride and the groom and with their consent sanctifies the marriage. The family of the groom has to give monetary gift to the bride.

This is known as Mahr by which the husband honors her and shows gratitude to Allah first, and then to the wife for accepting to enter into marriage.

It is one of the fundamental aspects of marriage.

The couple offers sweets to each other.

Wedding Reception for Muslim

The marriage ceremony is followed by music, dance and a feast.

A Walima or a wedding reception is normally organized the next evening at the groom’s place.

The couple dresses traditionally and greets their friends, relatives and all the invitees.

A wedding feast is arranged at the occasion.

Wedding Ceremony for Hindus

For Hindus in Bangladesh, the groom and his family arrives at the bride’s house on the wedding evening. The groom is greeted with bells and conch shells by the bride’s mother.

The wedding is performed in the presence of the priest, who chants the mantras.

The couple then exchanges garlands and the groom puts vermillion on the bride’s forehead.

The Vidaai ceremony takes place the next day when the bride leaves her paternal home to move to the groom’s place.

A bou baran ceremony that is welcoming the new bride takes place at the groom’s house followed by several rituals.

A reception is held the next evening at the groom’s place.

Seeking blessings from elders remain a key part of the wedding ritual for both Muslims and Hindus in Bangladesh.

Weddings in Persia – The Most Beautiful Wedding

For Iranians marriage is an event, which must be celebrated with glory and distinction.

Most of the traditions of Persian weddings  are originated in Zoroastrian times- dating back to the 2nd millennium BCE- and have changed very little nowadays.

Traditional Iranian wedding elements.

-marriage is arrange by the families ( family’s boy will present him some eligible ladies);

But in the modern age the custom is seldom practiced.

-In traditional Iranian families, marriages were more or less arranged by families;

When a son became eligible for marriage, his family would take him to the houses of several eligible ladies.

The aghd (ceremony) and the Mehmoonee (reception).

During the aghd (ceremony)  the groom and the bride sign the contract.

Thus, during the ceremony the groom seats on a bench in front of the quests.

He takes place under a canopy held by women belonging to the family.

The bride is coming;  around her a special incense smells. This incense will ward off the evil eye.

The second part of the wedding – the Mehmoonee (reception)  is held with fast.

United Kingdom – The Most Beautiful Wedding

During the wedding ceremony, the bride must wear :

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a coin of six penny in her shoe.”

The significance :

Something old- represents the liaisons of the bride with her family and her past.

Also, something new- represents the good luck in a new life.

About- Something borrowed – should remember  the bride  that her family and friends always will help her.

Something blues – symbolizes faithfulness and faith

A coin of six penny in her shoe means wealth.

Germany –  The Most Beautiful Wedding

Part of the German wedding ceremony involves guests smashing old plates in order to ward off evil spirits.

The couple will  clean the mess up together signifying that marriage is not easy, but together they can work through anything.

Russia – The Most Beautiful Wedding

Here the quests will smash champagne glasses.

For Europe Countries

Traditional wedding ceremony must be -Sunday.

Also, the wedding  veil offers protection against evil spirits.

“Stealing the Bride” ritual  is common in many European countries.

This tradition evolved into more of a form of entertainment .

So, even if the bride is priceless – godfather must pay some money for redemption.

The bridegroom can not  see the wedding dress of the bride before the wedding.

The groom must cross the threshold of the house- holding the  bride in his arms


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