The king is dead, long live the republic!

The king is dead, long live the republic! by Tania Nicolau-

The king is dead, long live the republic! – we can say now when …

King Michael the last king of Romania is dead!

The king is dead.

With him a part of our history – the history of times of nobleness and faith has ended.

He was the king who represented our moral credibility as people.

King Michael, the last king of Romania, reigned during the troubled times of the Second World War.

King Michael during the Second World War

He had the courage to withstand the biggest butchers of the XX centuries – Hitler and Stalin – and he almost succeeded.

King Michael broke the alliance with the Axis Power (mainly the Nazis) and declared an alliance with the Allies.

The allies included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America.

Attempting to oppose the Communism takeover of the country King Michael went on a “royal strike”.

But on the morning of 30 December 1947, the Communist government forced King Michael to abdicate.

King Michael during exile

During his years in exile King Michel led a Romanian government in exile named- Romanian National Committee.

While King Michel and the Romanian Government in Exile struggled to explain the intolerable crimes being committed in Romania…

…or that Romania is different from the rosy view presented by the Communist party, the propaganda tried by all means to defame the last king of Romania.

Despite the anti-monarchic propaganda and all the lies from the history books, schoolbooks, novels, or films commissioned by the Communist government, Romanian people loved his king, the last king of Romania

With him the last Supreme Commander of a European State in the Second World War disappeared from this world.

The concept of royalty in Romania

With the dead  of King Michael  the concept of royalty passed away in Romania.

Unfortunately he has no successor according to Salic law (the law of the royal house).

His daughter, especially the first born, princess Margareta, married an actor; she  had a very bad behavior during the last days before he passed away – probably because of disputes concerning wealth and prerogatives.

This moment – it’s not the right time to ask why his nephew was stopped to enter to see him for the last time, why his family produced an unpleasant fuss noticed by all European newspapers.

Thank you,  Your Royal Highness

This is the moment we say goodbye for a king who loved his people, his country and planes.

During exile, to earn his family living he risked his life daily, working as a test pilot.

This is the right moment to thank him because we understand what means the famous royal modesty.

And thank him for his teachings:

“The most important things to gain, after freedom and democracy, are identity and dignity “.

The King is dead

Michael, the last king of Romania has died.

The funerals will take place at The Royal Necropolis at the Archbishop’s Cathedral in Curtea de Arges.

long live the republic!

Michael, the last king of Romania has died.

And with him died the Hohenzollern dynasty, Romanian branch.


The king is dead, long live the republic!

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