Lapland, the realm of Santa Claus

Lapland, the realm of Santa Claus=

Lapland, the realm   of Santa Claus, is located north of the Polar Circle.

About Lapland


In Lapland, the realm   of Santa Claus everything is covered by snow from October to March.

And it seems that this mythical land benefits from only 5 hours of daylight.

The temperature can get to -40 degrees during the night.

Despite the cold, Santa Claus and his reindeer are living very comfortable here.

Lapland History

On Christmas Eve in Lapland, Santa Claus’s “residence town”, at 12.00 a city representative proclaims “Christmas Peace.”

From this moment on until the end of the winter holidays, all those who disturb the  peace receive the harshest punishment.

This custom has been in place for 600 years and is preserved throughout the country.

Lapland, the realm   of Santa Claus where the dreams come true

Santa Claus gives to this place a special aura: here, in Lapland one finds the magic place where all the dreams come true.

Santa and his reindeer are watching through magic spyglass all the children – what are they doing, if they are naughty or nice and if they do good deeds.

They know everything before visiting them with presents.

The Reindeer of Santa

Santa’s reindeer are the only flying reindeer in history, and they receive this gift after eating enchanted corn, which Santa Claus has received from a wizard.

The corn does not only give them the power to fly, but also the force to carry tons of toys at the speed of thought, so that Santa can give them to the all the children in one night!

The Post Office of  Lapland, the realm   of Santa Claus

But before Santa arrives to the little ones, they must first write to him.

Thus, a post box was also created in Lapland for this purpose.  Every year the Korvatunturi Postal Office receives millions and millions of letters.


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