The far-right movement across Europe seems to increase, especially  with  Punish a Muslim day Letter

3 April – Punish a Muslim Day

This week , people from six communities  from England received an anonymous letter with a hateful message – The message said that April the 3th  would be “Punish a Muslim Day,”

The letter details a point system for each action & a reward ranging from verbal abuse of Muslims to burning or bombing mosques. The letters also encourage people to “torture” and “butcher” Muslims in a day of Islamophobic violence on 3 April.

Punish a Muslim Day Letter

–              10 points- Verbally abuse a Muslim

–              25 points – Pull the head scarf of Muslim woman

–              50 points – Throw  acid in face of a Muslim

–              100 points – Beat up a Muslim

–              250 points – Torture a Muslim using electrocution, skinning, use of a rack

–              500 points – Butcher a Muslim using a gun, knife, vehicle or otherwise

–              1000 points- Burn or bomb  a mosque

–              2500 points – Nuke Mecca

For many people is a sick joke but according to experts  the letter has probably  been sent out by a group with the intent of alarming people and to stir up racial hatred.

Racism, Terrorism, Extremism and Hatred

This letter seems to be the peak of racism, terrorism, extremism and hatred.

The letter is the product of a sick mind, of human who lost their humanity.

The letter is the result of lack of culture, education, political propaganda

Ethnic hatred, racial hatred, religious hatred are not new in Europe

They were the cause of many crimes against humanity

Love a Muslim Day

Our reply can not be something else than Lovely counter response to the hateful letters. Love a Muslim Day letters are now out.

Love a Muslim Day letters

There will be rewards based on action taken. These are as follows:

–              10 points – Smile at a Muslim

–              25 points – Buy a Muslim a coffee with cake( from an independent café)

–              50 points – Throw flowers on a Muslim, lots of different colored ones

–              100 points – Invite a Muslim to your home

–              250 points –  Take a weekend trip with your Muslim colleagues

–              500 points – Fast in Ramadhan with a Muslim

–              1000 points – Do a fundraiser for the  needy, especially those suffering in Iraq, Libya, Kashmir, Yemen, Myanmar, Pakistan and Syria

–              2500 points – Buy a Hajj package for a Muslim family- a life time trip to Mecca

This deserves our attention

Please read it and spread

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