Human – Robot Marriage

Human – Robot Marriage could be a widespread reality to the end of this century.

Sex robot with artificial intelligence

Now, when Harmony , a sex robot with artificial intelligence is  for men “the girl you always dreamed of”, experts predict that people will want to marry sex robots just like her.

Matt McMullen  created her – in accordance with the aesthetic criteria of the third millennium:

she has enormous breasts, tiny waist and  long-lashed eyes.

More than that , his creator tries to make her the perfect partner!

She knows  what her partner likes, what is his favorite food  or music, she knows his birthday and never forget it but , most of all, she doesn’t ask anything  in return from her partner.

She can recite poetry, philosophical quotes or jokes!

Indeed, the female sex dolls dominate the market but there are  male sexbots too.

Gabriel is a male sex doll and it’s seem that , in just the last few months, he  has  become equally as popular as  female dolls.

He looks incredibly real.

“Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll: Slutever”

Karley Sciortino ,  a sex columnist with Vogue and Vice become well known around the world  with the documentary film “Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll: Slutever”.

At the end of it, Karley has sex with Gabriel.

Also, in this documentary film , she tries to find  a female owner of a male sex doll in order to share experience.

She succeeded to find a female owner – it is about  Jessica Ryan,  an adult film star living in LA.

Jessica  is in a long-distance relationship.

Thus  she found the perfect solution – Gabriel !

He  provides  her sex and comfort!

Love and sex with robots

Having sex dolls like Harmony and Gabriel, the supporters of Human – Robot Relationship say that  the Robots will  be more attractive than their human counterparts .

Thus, before 2050,  humans will marry robots.

There are a lot of  debates, pros and cons on The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships.

Human- Robot Marriage is also a controversial topic.

Even British Academy organizes   annual editions of the Love and Sex with  Robots congress.

Among the great supporter of the concepts of love and sex with robots is David Levy.

David Levy, the author of” Love and sex with robots “ argues  that – if people form emotional attachments to  animals and virtual pets they could  extend these attachments to love  for robots.

Human- Robots marriage asks  robots rights

The author compares the same- sex marriage and interracial marriages with human- robots marriage  in order to grant political rights for robots.

On the other hand there are no laws  to prevent Human – Robot marriage.

According to  David Levy, the society must develop lows which allow  all types of marriage – human – Robot marriage or to marriage  a corporation- such as Angela Marie Vogel , who tried to obtain a legally valid marriage license in Seattle, to allow her to marry  a corporation.

(Actually, Angela Vogel  was issued a marriage certificate to wed Corporate but later  her marriage was repealed ).

Campaign Against Sex Robots

Professor Kathleen Richardson is the founder and leader of Campaign Against Sex Robots.

The Campaign is represented by a group of activists, writers and academics  who tries to ban sex dolls and sex robots.

Among their arguments  is that  Sexual use of robots or dolls develop a rape culture

“Rape is acting on a body that is not engaged in simultaneous sex. Sex is mutually simultaneous, rape is not”.

So, sex dolls can  offer men an experience of rape.

Other argument refers to dehumanization of  women – being seen and compared  with sex dolls/things.

Also, sexual use of robots spread cultural dissatisfaction with our bodies. Sex robots have body- shapes which are naturally impossible for women to have.

Sex robots are always young,  never age, put on weight, get pregnant, or say no to sexual advances.

So, do you want to join the campaign against  sex robots or do you approve of….

Human – Robot Marriage!


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