Diwali – Festival of Lights-The Holy Celebration of the Spiritual Light


Diwali- Festival of Lights is the five- day Indian Festival celebrating the victory of light  over darkness.

Françoise Kartha sent for Humanizator a very interesting article about Diwali:

“The word diwali is the contraction of the Sanskrit dipavali – row of lights.

2017  –Diwali 

Diwali in 2017 will start on Wednesday, the 18th of October (18/10/2017) and will continue for 5 days until Sunday, the 22nd of October.

Also, Diwali ( called Lakshmi Puja, Laxmi Puja and Diwali Puja) is celebrated in late Ashwin (September–October) and ends in early Kartika (October–November).

Diwali – Festival of Lights – The main festival night  coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu calendar.


Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Thus, let’s lit the  lamps  as a sign of celebration and hope.

Diwali – Festival of Lights  is one of the most popular holidays in Hindu countries.

Customs for Diwali

Over the five days people clean the homes.

Also, people  decorate their houses  with little oil lamps called diyas, strings of lights, flower garlands and paper chains.

Doorstep designs, called rangolis, are made with colored powders for good luck.

Also, popular activities include playing card games, dressing up in new clothes, and exchanging boxes of sweets.


Diyas are a small type of lamp.

People lit them on Diwali for worship and decorative purposes.

Traditionally, the artisans  make  them using   clay and then fill them  with a cotton wick dipped in oil or ghee and lit.

Also,  people  used  diyas in homes and temples.

Diyas are native to India and Nepal and often used in religious festivals such as Diwali.


Furthermore, Deepavali has connections  to the celebration of Lakshmi.

People venerate her as the goddess of wealth and prosperity and she  is the wife of Lord Vishnu”.



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