North Korean Abductions – North Korean Threats – Doina Bumbea

North Korean Abductions make use of abductees as spouses for unusual residents in North Korea, especially lone foreigners such as defectors from the West.

So, North Korea seems to have abducted foreign citizens to force them to teach the local language and customs;

North Korea also uses abductees’ expertise or special skills.

Brainwashing and propaganda turn the  children of the abductees into secret agents, officers  and people devoted to the North Korean leader.

Tensions and Threats

 North Korean Abductions - North Korean Threats-

North Korean Threats

Now, North Korea tries to demonstrate that it has become a nuclear power.

In front of the world eyes, it tested a H-bomb, the most dangerous nuclear weapon to date.

The H-bomb has an action spectrum from hundreds to thousands of times greater than the atomic bomb.

North Korea challenges are a threat for the whole world.

North Korean Threats

Nord Korea has always sent out threats.

Human Rights Violations are a huge threat for humankind – just as huge as the H- bomb threat now.

North Korean Abductions are obvious human rights violations.

The U. N. probes North Korea’s abductions of foreigners.

But – the governments of many European countries, such as Romania, ignore these abductions.

In view of escalating tensions with the US, due to North Korean ballistic and nuclear programs, the brain washing ideology and the consequences of those abductions are put in a new light.

“White Officers”

Evoking the recent worsening tensions between Washington and Pyongyang on its ballistic and nuclear program, Ted Dresnkok says:

 North Korean Abductions - North Korean Threats- White Officers -

White Officers

“We will not miss the occasion to wipe the US from the world!”

He is one of the white officers.

“White Officers” are the children of abducted women and defectors.

The women were forced to produce children that could become officers or be used in propaganda programs

 The last defector

Between 1950 and 1953, several US military men crossed the highly fortified and mined “demilitarized area,” and defected to North Korea.

James Joseph Dresnok was the last of those defectors to go to North Korea in 1963.

In the US, Dresnok was placed in a foster home. He dropped out of high school, and joined the Army the day after his 17th birthday.

In 1962, Joe Dresnok was in trouble- in a failing marriage and a discipline problem, he found himself facing a court martial for forging signatures on paperwork.

Thus, unwilling to face punishment, he ran across a minefield into North Korean territory.

He had a military carrier in North Korea like his sons later.

Because North Korea wants to keep blood purity, they don’t allow foreigners to marry Koreans.

That’s why the foreigners must marry among themselves.

In order to find brides for these defectors, the North Korean regime ordered abductions of women in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Doinea Bumbea

 North Korean Abductions - North Korean Threats- Doina Bumbea-

Doina Bumbea

Doinea Bumbea, a plastic artist, was one of the abductees.

Doina had legally left communist Romania, marrying in Bucharest with an Italian citizen, and in 1970, she managed to settle in Italy.

In 1975, she graduated from the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.

In  1978, at the suggestion of an Italian friend, she went to Tokyo to open a painting exhibition.

According to the autobiography of a former US deserter in North Korea and close to the victim, Charles Robert Jenkins, his flight made a stopover at Phenian airport, where the Romanian was detained by North Korean agents.

She was forced to marry James Joseph Dresnok.

Not long after they marriage, Dresnok turned deeply abusive.

He bullied his wife physically and emotionally.

Doina Bumbea was desperate to escape. But she had nowhere to go.

In 1997, she died of cancer, alone and unknown- officially, North Korea denied her existence.

The US State Department avoids asking about abductees.

Even the Bucharest government ignored the issue- despite  the efforts of  her family.

New threats , Old threats

Doinea Bumbea had 2 boys :

Their names are Theodor Ricardo  and James Gabriel Dresnok.

Under the watchful eye of their abusive father, they were raised in a totalitarian ideology.

They wear a badge of the first two leaders of North Korea on their hearts.

The younger one, James, is a captain in the North Korean army.

Their comments towards US sounded like they came out of the propaganda department.

Raised in hatred towards the US and the democratic world, they glorify the “socialist paradise” into which they were born.

Now states and people in the whole world feel the threats of Nord Korea.

But the threats started long before – when North Korea began to violate  Human Rights.




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