Police Force against BAME community – Rashan Charles and Mark Duggan

Rashan Charles and Mark Duggan are victims of the police brutality!

Disproportionate use of force against BAME community – Rashan Charles and Mark Duggan

Rashan Charles – Case explanation

An increase of police brutality against BAME community can be noticed.  BAME is an acronym for the  members of non-white communities in the UK (Black, Asian and ethnic minority). Activists for equality prefer to use terms like “ visible minority” or “people of color” instead. Regardless of the terminology used, certain people are far more likely to be stopped and searched on streets or in airports.

Fact for which, we will debate this case in our category Social Justice, as follows:

That’s was the case for Rashan Charles

Rashan Charles was suffocated and killed by police.

Rashan Charles, the-20-years old black father died after a police officer pinned him  to the ground.  They   had been chasing him early in the morning on 22 June.

The dramatic footage of the arrest of Rashan Charles shows Charles ran into the store, in Kingsland Road, east London at 1.45am on June 22. A police officer wrestled him to the floor. Rashan Charles struggled on the floor and  after the police officer   put on him the handcuffs,  he apparently stopped breathing.

Friends say  the community love  Rushan Charles.  He was gentle, polite, friendly.  Rush was also a good father to his baby daughter, Remiya.

The death of the 20 years old father sparked violent protests; protesters lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at officers in Dalston, east London.

Rashan Charles – People accuse the increase in police brutality especially against the BAME community

Black people are more than twice as likely as white people to be killed by police officers.
Researchers agree that racism almost certainly plays a role in that disparity. But “racism” is too broad an explanation to reveal much about the more immediate causes or to point to a way to reduce police killings of black people.

Academic research on the issue:

“A more aggressive style of policing” in those areas “almost certainly contributes to more rapid escalations toward use of deadly force,” said Epp, co-author of the book Pulled Over: How Police Stops Define Race and Citizenship.
Phillip Atiba Goff, a professor in policing equity at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, also said that police officers were more likely to use force with black people than with white people.

“In the U.K., a black person is less likely to be shot dead on the streets than their counterpart in America. But we are more likely to be detained with brute force and left to die at the hands of neglectful officers. The racism in Britain’s justice system is insidious, but deadly nonetheless. British people are complacent because they do not think things like this happen in their state, but they do and they have for years. Britain is the motherland of racism— it taught America everything it knows about intolerance and oppression” – source.

Human Rights Activists from Hackney against police brutality !

After the brutally murder of Rushan Charles, human rights activists from Hackney have gathered sympathizers from all over the world. They  they  created the  Facebook page “Enough is Enough! As a community we can create change!”
They tried to hold discussions with police officers asking justice for Rush; they also organized peaceful protests; besides the Rushan Charles protests, they also organized the Mark Duggan Protest.
The violence has drawn parallels with the London riots in 2011, which were sparked by the police shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in Tottenham.

Mark Duggan


A  29-year-old British man, Mark Duggan, was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, North London, England, on 4 August 2011.

He had fathered six children in total, the youngest of whom was born after he died. Duggan had worked at Stansted Airport and, according to his cousin, had applied to work as a firefighter.

 The death of Mark Duggan increased the tension between the black communities and the police

A public inquiry on the Duggan killing began on 16 September 2013, and ended on 8 January 2014.  An 8–2 majority concluded  that Duggan’s death was a lawful killing and trying to justify the homicide.

Is there any learning that could prevent deaths of this nature in the future?

According to different research studies, racism manifests itself in different ways, requiring a range of solutions. If the disparity arises because bias among police officers makes them more likely to fire guns at black people than at white people, then, let’s change  the police officers’ selection: firstly, a   police officer is  a person   without prejudices and bias, open minded, who respect equality and human dignity; thus, a test will select them before they will  attend courses in order to become police officers. They will   attend  training against racism, intolerance, discrimination, bias, prejudices. Also, The Police must fire the  officers who show bias.

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