Robosex – encourage behavior like Donald Trump’

Robosex – or sexual relationship with robots could become a reality soon.

The artist and entrepreneur Matt McMullen has created 2 decades ago ,  by joke , sex dolls.

Robosex or sex doll are more and more realistic.

Thus,  he improves his work thus  the users can program a sex doll to have whatever personality  they wish…more than that,  the doll  can  simulate physical touch.

Now, Real Dolls are shipped to nearly every country in the world, with the majority in the United States

McMullen tries  to make real dolls sex robots looking   like real women…and it seams he can !

Can these Robosex be a good thing? Or could they be a bad thing?

But the first question is – who needs these sex robots ?   Shy men, lonely men ? But not only ..

The customers can be everybody!

According to the Abyss Creation Manufactory,  the Department of Defense has purchased dolls from the company so   soldiers can practice saving the wounded in war games or Psychiatrists have used them in therapy sessions.

Parents have ordered them for their autistic or otherwise challenged grown-up children.

Thus   –   we can not speak about a  “type” who buys the company’s dolls.

They  are bought by diverse people, diverse professions, ages, with different family situation…

Since mid-2010 over 4000 dolls have been created and shipped.

So , the prediction of   Dr. Henrik Christensen, the chairman of the European Robotics Network at the Royal Institute of Technology, at the University of Stockholm, made in 2006,     that “in the next five years” humans would be having sex with robots become a real fact.

If technology grows  – thus  perfect sex robots will be created.

Advocates of robotic relationships  

The subject draws strong arguments from advocates and opponents of robotic relationships.

David Levy is expert in artificial intelligence.

His book , “Love and Sex with Robots” suggests that humans will fall in love with and even marry social robots in the not too distant future.

David  argues that the entities  we thought  they are  mechanical  objects  soon become the objects of real companionship and human desire. He explains how human interactions with technology have changed over the years.

The expert in artificial intelligence, David Levy,   explores many aspects of human relationships—the reasons we fall in love, why we form emotional attachments to animals and virtual pets, and why these same attachments could extend to love for robots.

Levy also examines how society’s ideas about what constitutes normal sex have changed—and will continue to change—as sexual technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.

Opponents of robotic relationships

Alternatively robotics ethicist, Kathleen Richardson, is campaigning to ban sex robots.

She said that human-like sex robots look too much like real women and may contribute to gender inequalities in society.

The Campaign Against Sex Robots states:

“We are not proposing to extend rights to robots. According to our point of view, the robots are not  conscious entities.

That’s why, we propose instead that robots are a product of human consciousness and creativity and human power relationships are reflected in the production, design and proposed uses of these robots.

As a result, we oppose any efforts to develop robots that will contribute to gender inequalities in society.”

What are the ethical  consequences to create Robosex ?

What are the consequences, the ethical consequences to create these sex robots – with their  realistic appearance,  good looks,  obedient, accepting everything, never can answer back, never say no…

For  McMullen   this could one day mean the end of human prostitution.

Indeed, that could  be one of the consequences of  creating  artificial intelligence by using these  robots.

But  as long as  virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive being able  to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner-  which of them  will be preferred – a robot or a woman?

I think this question – even if it’s a normal one – on this point of discussion  – is offensive to women.

Women compared with robots!!!

Our civilization will arrive  in that point where  women will be compared with robots and not any kind of robots but robosex.

That day when men  will  give  up dating in favor of life-size dolls- will come in the next few years.

So, that robotic, interactive, motion-sensing technology  will become  more and more central to the sex industry .

David Levy professed that by 2050 robots “will have the capacity to fall in love with humans and to make themselves romantically attractive and sexually desirable to humans.”

Robosex encourage behavior like Donald Trump

But don’t you think that that means to encourage males to have sexually predatory  behavior?

During the campaign for presidential election,  not only American women   were   horrified  by the issue of sexual assault; women all over the world  watched, with horror, a lewd  video, in which the Republican nominee for President can be heard bragging how “when you’re a star” you can do whatever the hell you want to women’s bodies- and they

But what about are we talking when the subject is  Robosex ?

That means : to enhance gender inequality; also, to see women like an object and you can do anything you want to a woman; as well as ,to encourage violence, abuse, disrespect;

But , more than anything else Robosex to encourage behaviors like Donald Trump’.



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