Sologamy / Marrying Yourself

Sologamy is the act of marrying yourself.

Laura Mesi's self-marriage in 2017

Laura Mesi’s self-marriage in 2017

Find your soul mate or marry yourself

It’s not easy to find your soul mate.

People  live looking for their soul mates but does everyone have a soul mate ?

So, some people never find the love of their lives

If you’re convinced that you’ll never find your soulmate, love yourself.

If you’re convinced that you’ll never find the right person to marry, marry yourself.

This means sologamy

Thus, Sologamy is the act of marrying yourself.

Sologamy – the  deepest  relationship

In sologamy you  promise to love, honor, cherish  yourself.

Sologamy is the act of making a promise  and keep it

Making a promise to yourself, making vows  could have  a profound effect on our lives increasing confidence, self-trust, self-respect.

The vows bring us into a comfort zone where we feel protected.

That’s why sologamy wins more and more followers.

Sologamy  it’s marriage to yourself, it’s the relationship you take with you, a much deeper relationship than any other relationship you’ve ever had.

More and more people around the world are choosing to “marry” themselves in symbolic ceremonies.

History of Sologamy

The initiator  of this alternative was the performance artist Gabrielle Penabaz; in 2000, she decided to organize a wedding party for herself  after a breakup.

She  chose a location, flowers, the  ring, the wedding dress and wrote thoughtful vows.

She even wore “something borrowed, something blue” during that symbolic event – a wedding without a  groom.

Since then a lot of people chose sologamy.

Beginning with 2014, a Japanese travel agency from Kyoto   organizes bridal ceremonies  for single women who want to marry themselves. The company’s president  asserts that their intentions are:  “to encourage women to have positive feelings about themselves”, notes the BBC.

So far,   about 30 women from across Japan have become “solo brides”.

Also, British photographer  Grace Gelder married herself on  October 2014.

British photographer Grace Gelder married herself on October 2014.

Italian fitness trainer Laura Mesi’s self-marriage in 2017,  having a complete white-dress ceremony, a three-storey cake, honor maids, and guests.

So, Sologamy can be found everywhere from Japan to Italy, to Australia and the UK.

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