Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome belongs to domestic violence  issue.

The case of Stockholm syndrome people must know about it in order to help; also sharing and listening might make us see where the problem is.

Stockholm syndrome  – history

The syndrome was named 40 years ago after a notorious case of bank robbery with 4 hostages (three women and one man). The captors  held them in extreme conditions for 6 days of siege.

Hostages developed an irrational sympathy for their captors. They  defended  them and identified  with them; doesn’t matter   that the captors   threatened them  and abused them  all this time.

After being saved, victims became protective with their abusers and feared that rescuers may harm their captors.

One of the victims got engaged with one of the abusers and another gathered funds to help their abuser with the defense fees.

Psychological mechanism of human nature 

The syndrome describes in fact a psychological mechanism of human nature in some extreme circumstances that has always existed, and which has been studied by many specialists.

Such relationship is a controlling and abusive type of relationship, in which bonds start to form between victim and abuser.

The situation can’t be socially understood but the  specialists are able to explain it.

Thus,  it is a relationship which builds on emotional fragility like how can we fill in the nothingness.  Also , what if trespass of abuser may not be as severe as it seems.

When you face fear and need to survive, small acts of kindness “prompt a primitive gratitude for the gift of life”, as defined by specialists.

Victims going through danger, risks and violence develop irrational feelings for abusers.

People’s feelings and mind work in strange ways in certain circumstances of big stress and discomfort;  psychologically the syndrome being explained by fear and need to survive:  victim becomes attached to abuser.

Victims  start to see violent acts as normal acts as way to adapt and survive.

Typical to this specific case of domestic violence is that victim will try to protect abuser and explain his acts. In the same time , the victim will try  to deny any help or accuse people who want to help them escape from abuser.

Stockholm syndrome and Domestic violence

Many women don’t understand they are victims; they don’t understand they  need  help.

Their friends or relatives should understand they need help.

These  women  constantly deny any help and try to  protect  to their predator.

This  attitude  contributes to their self-destruction. They are not able to see that they experience violence and physical abuse.

Effects of abuse are so strong on victim’s feelings that victims imagine they are really “guilty”.

They will   continue the irrational choice to preserve that abusive relationship and hold to the emotional bond with their physical abusers.

In such cases if victims can’t help themselves because they develop Stockholm syndrome, becoming familiar with violence, seeing it as a necessary behavior.

So, than other people, friends or relatives, should take action.

Thus, domestic violence is so present everywhere. Domestic violence  affects  vulnerable people  and is of so many kinds :

physical abuse, psychological abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse, social abuse, intimidation, deprivation of liberty, systematic control and dominance.



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