JIHAD – Significance

JIHAD– Significance-  should be clarified, given the theme of this article.

The  spiritual meaning of Jihad

JIHAD – Significance must be explain in order to enrich intercultural understanding

The exact meaning of “Jihad” is “effort”. In other words, in Islam, “do jihad” means “to make an effort, to struggle”.

Our Prophet said that the greatest jihad is the one “that a person performs against yourself.”

Here, the meaning of  “self”-  are the desires and selfish ambitions of each.

Intellectually fight against anti-religious and atheistic views is also a form of jihad, in the strongest sense.

Thus, regarding JIHAD – Significance – the spiritual meaning is very important.


JIHAD – Significance -Technical Sense

Apart from these ideological and spiritual meanings, struggle in the technical sense – the armed struggle – people  consider  a “jihad”.

However, as we can see, this fight should only be conducted for defensive purposes.

When we speak about JIHAD- Significance  – we must emphasizes that :

The use of the concept of “jihad” for acts of aggression against innocent people, in fact terror is a large deformation and injustice.

Very important regarding JIHAD- Significance – is moral and spiritual meaning.

 JIHAD- Significance- DR. LAASSIRI ABDALLAH-Humanizator.ro




Founding Director at “Wisdom Center for Religious Studies and Intercultural Dialogue”

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