Sugarbaby and how they are seeking arrangement with sugar daddies

Sugarbaby, sugar lifestyle, sugar dating are concepts which intend to disguise the oldest profession in the world- prostitution.

Instead of prostitution, the protagonists are speaking about a “sugar lifestyle”.

Sugar Lifestyle

Sugarbaby, thanks to a Sugar Daddy adopts a Sugar lifestyle as an alternative

A sugar lifestyle is based on building win-win or mutually beneficial relationships between a baby

and  an  old rich person (sugar daddy or sugar mummy).

Sugar lifestyle means things you couldn’t afford in a normal life provided by sugar daddy.

He provides top his baby – money, jewelry, exotic trips.

How a Sugarbaby should be ?

A sugarbaby will loan her beauty, charm, and youthful energy for money, power, and the opportunities that allow her to ascend a couple of rungs on the ladder of success.

Each  sugarbaby must be the perfect girlfriend, confidant, always friendly, never jealous or ill-mannered.

Because, many of the sugar daddies (or mummies) are chief executives officers or business people with connections, who can help the babies network, but  they’re normally at least ten, fifteen years older.

So sugar babies are friendly companions only with rich persons who can assured them a sugar lifestyle.

Why do the protagonists try to make this relationship something else than they are – nothing else than prostitution.

Because the babies want the same things as  the prostitutes – money, gifts, jewelry, cars, flats.

Sugar Daddy

But to find a sugar daddy is not so easy.

There are specialized sides of Sugar Dating but a sugarbaby can be cheated.

So, there are other sides which teach the babies how to find a really sugar daddy.

The babies have to know the difference between a straight up Sugar Daddy, a Salt Daddy and a Splenda Daddy.

Straight -up Sugar Daddy is someone willing to spoil his baby for the right reasons.

A Salt Daddy is a guy who uses the Sugar dating sites to meet girls and pretend he will spoil them when really he just trying to get in their pants.

Splenda Daddy is a guy who really wants to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t have the money.

So, still the protagonist can pretend that sugar relationships are something else than prostitution?


Prostitution VS Sugar lifestyle – is a sugarbaby a prostitute?

“Prostitution” is what it is and no one tries to make it seem something else whereas Sugar lifestyle has the similarity of a normal relationship.

A prostitute asks money for a client – a sugarbaby is waiting gifts (money, trips, jewelry, cars and other expensive things).

Prostitutes are paid to perform a service by a client while a Sugar Daddy is generous and wants to see his partner succeed.

Sugar Babies are also successful business professionals, whereas prostitutes use their trade as a source of income.

The protagonists of the sugar lifestyle try to hide these immoral relationship under appearance of integrity and honesty.

They pretend to develop different relationship than the classical prostitution – they need to lie themselves – why?

Self-esteem problems?


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