Casting Curses – The Power of the Curses

Casting Curses on people is something that has happened and that always be a thread for those upon whom the curse was thrown.

The  curse is a kind of spell by magic, an wish  that evil or harm befall one.

There are few famous curses but nobody knows for sure whether they really happened or will happen.

The Curse of the Pharaohs

A curse inscription warns to anyone who violate the sleep of Pharaoh will be punished.

So, on the day the Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered   a lot of strange things happened.

The “Curse of the Pharaohs” is supposed to have haunted the archeologists who excavated the tomb

Howard Carter was a British archaeologist and Egyptologist who discovered the intact tomb,  Tutankhamun (colloquially known as “King Tut” and “the boy king”) in November 1922.

A Cobra  eat  Howard Carter’s pet canary  on the day the tomb was opened.

The cobra was associated with the goddesses Wadjet who was the Eye of Ra, who protected the Valley of the Kings.

The first mysterious death related to the curse of Tutankhamun was Lord Carnarvon,  who had died from a mosquito bite six weeks after opening the tomb

Lord Carnarvon was an enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist,  the financial backer of the search for and the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

At the time of Carnarvon’s death there was a widespread blackout in Cairo.

Carnarvon’s dog, Susie, (who had remained on his estate in England) let out a mournful howl at the moment of his death and promptly died herself.

The Curse of Tippecanoe or the Curse of American Presidents

According to a very old legend a deadly curse floods upon all the American presidents elected in years divisible by 20.

Casting Curses  on the future masters of his land, during the battle of Tippecanoe, an Indian Chief died.

Thus, the first American president to whom the curse fell was William Henry Harrison, being himself participant of this battle.

Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860 was assassinated during the second mandate.

James Garfield won election in 1880 was shut.

William McKinley reelected in 1900, and shut during a speech

Franklin Delano Roosevelt reelected in 1940 for his 3rd mandated died shortly after.

Ronald Reagan elected in 1980 survived an attack by an extremist. People say that Reagan could brake the curse or …the curse is only sleeping …

We are waiting 2020, in case Donald Trump will be reelected –to see   if the curse is still working.

The Curse of Brancovenesc Hospital

On 28 August 1835, Safta Brâncoveanu, the wife of the last descendent of Romanian Prince – Constantin Brincoveanu, signed a contract for building, for poor people, a hospital with 60 beds.

The hospital was built near the Balasa princess church.

On 14 October 1838, the hospital was open.

Casting Curses - Brancovenesc Hospital -

Brancovenesc Hospital

To mark this foundation, Safta has commissioned a marble inscription for the frontispiece of Balasa princess church built with 70 years before by Princess Balasa Braincoveanu.

Casting Curses

Casting curses- this inscription, among other things, contains a spell  against who would dare touch the building.

The princes signed “The Testament of Safta Brancoveanu” which leaves a part of her fortune for the maintenance of the hospital.

After 1921, Ferdinand , king of Romania granted significant funds for the hospital too.

Thus, during the Second World War the hospital turned into a military hospital with 500 beds

During the communist regime the hospital became state property; the hospital became the first “Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology” in Romania,

On March 29th 1984, Nicolae Ceausescu – the president of Romania in that time – demolished the Brâncovenesc hospital.

It did not matter that it was recently renovated, it didn’t matter that the operating rooms were of Marble

So, the pretext was the systematization of Bucharest. An urban myth of the time tells that Ceausescu hoped to “lay hands” on the legendary treasure of Constatin Brâncoveanu , prince of Romania, hidden somewhere in basements

That’s why  Ceausescu was often on the worksite – but it isn’t known whether he found the treasure or not.

Thus,  Ceausescu demolished the hospital and the church with the curse. The inscription, which is now in the court of the History Museum of Bucharest, contains the final curse that requires Divinity who will touch the foundation to be killed by his kin in a day of celebration.

In 1989, Ceausescu was shot by people of his nation, very on Christmas.



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