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Witchcraft spells, especially love spells, is one of the most popular subjects on the Internet – people also visit witches and ask for their help.


Spells and witchcraft is one of the oldest practices and believes of humanity.

It is spread all over the world, condemned  beginning with the Old Testament until now.

There are a lot of people who strongly  believe in the power of the witches in the  power of magic and spells – nowadays.


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Witches use magic words in order to command spirits -commonly the spirit of the dead but also sometimes the spirit of the living.

They used wands, broomstick, crystal globes…

Also they create magic circles to defend themselves against spirits which they evoke.

Witches    cast spells; if spells are intended for good, it is white magic.

Black magic uses supernatural powers to do harm.


Wicca has some rules of behavior.

The first rule forbids manipulation and domination of other persons.

The other rule is “ The rule of three”.

It develops the idea that the energy contained into a spell either positive or negative, will return back to person who cast the spell – three times over.

Wicca is a dual religion that worships both a God and a Goddess.

The Goddess is often associated with Earth and God with Sun.

Love Spells

Regardless of culture, country or continent, the most sought for spells are love spells.

When people are love broken, they believe that their only hope is in this witchcraft.

Specialized sites teach people how to make a love spell.

Through love spells, people want to bring back an old love into their lives or make somebody love them.

Witches are real psychologists who advise people eager to use the power of magic to take the following into account:

If you have not seen the person you wish to recover for more over 3 months, your chances of success with the love spell are less than 50%.

Also, if you haven’t spoken for about 2 months with the person you wish to regain, your chances of success with a love spell may have an effect fall below 60%.

If the person is seeing somebody else, the chances that the love spell will work are very poor.

Love spell  to recover spouse

If the spouse has an affair, try the rose petal spell. Take 3 red petals and place them into a silver vase with water and salt.

While flowers sink into water, tell aloud what you wish to happen.

Love spell to recover love of an old lover

If you wish to recover love of an old lover, try love spell with 3 candles, red, white and yellow and the icon of Saint Michael.

Light  the candles and pray to spirits of fire, water and earth.

At the end of prayer say Amen!

Love spell to recover love of an inaccessible person

If you wish to recover an inaccessible person all you need is white sugar, a sheet of paper and a red candle.

Write the name of that person with a red pen on a paper.

Place sugar on the paper. Move the lit candle over the sugar, so that melted wax may fall over the sugar.

All this time think of the kind of love you wish to have from that person and the result will be in the blink of an eye.

Power of love spells

Love spells will help you attract your soulmate and unconditional love into your life.

Try some spells and nothing will be the same.

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