Sinca Veche – The Temple of Faith

Sinca Veche – the Temple of Faith  or the Temple of Destiny is the place where the wishes come true!

But only when your soul is pure !

”The Temple of Destiny”, “The Șinca Veche Temple” or “The Temple of Faith

Sinca Veche -The Temple of Faith -

Sinca Veche – The Temple of Faith

The Sinca Veche Temple  comes by many names and is surrounded by mysteries, controversies and fascinating stories.

We will talk about this…

Let’s begin with the mysteries…

The Șinca Veche cave is impressively big and its architecture is far from conventional.

The temple has two altars and the historians argue that the cave is not of Christian origins. The walls are covered with strange paintings and symbols.

There is also the Star of David painted in the temple and the Chinese symbol of Ying&Yang is painted inside the Star of David.

Sunlight enters the cave through several very narrow side windows, and also through a 10 meter-high tower.

It   connects the cave with the surface and doesn’t have any roof.

Legends say that the tower serves as a pipe for energies and also that there is a tunnel at its bottom that connects Șinca Veche to the Râșnov Fortress.

The Controversies

One of the controversies surrounding the Șinca Veche cave is its age.

The place was first documented in the middle Ages, but historians say that the origins of the cave can be traced back to the Dacian times, or even before that.

Some argue that the cave is 7.000 years old.

Others says  that, the temple  was built by the same civilization that built the White Temple on the Serpents Island.

The underground rooms are hidden from plain sight by the woods.

This is why it was once used by monks to hide from Empress Maria Teresa who was forcing them to convert to Catholicism.

There are some people that say this temple is made by an alien civilization…

They say that, deep inside, buried in the sand, are some crystals which are some kind of a communication device with the aliens who built it…

The sand is also unusually… It is very soft, unbelievable soft…

The Mysteries

Some of the tourists said that during their prayers they could see light spheres and light beings.

Photos made by those coming to visit the place show bright globes, halos and light images that are not in the visible range .

They cannot be seen with the naked eye while taking the photo.

There are many reports that testify for some enigmatic chorus that can be heard singing celestial, wonderful music.

But, beyond the mysteries, the controversies and the fantasies stories that surrounds the cave, Șinca Veche is also a place for prayer and tranquility.

The beauty of the nature in the Șinca Veche area it is unreal.

It comes only to complete the peace and quiet atmosphere that reigns around the church built here and its inhabitants.

The road to the Temple of Faith is also amazing…


The Temple is  in the Șinca Veche village, 50 kilometers away from Poiana Brașov, also a touristic area from Romania…

Sinca Veche, the Temple of Faith or The Temple of Destiny  is a mysterious place full of energy and whispers.

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