Visual expressions- Cecilia W Yu

Visual expressions are involved in many human subjects, both in art and also in reality.

Cecilia W Yu- artist and activist

Cecilia is a Hong Kong Chinese-Australian Social Entrepreneur,  artist, Director  of NGO in Africa, South America, Asia and California.

She has  travelled to over 40 countries around the world in order to develop  different projects

As women’s activist , Cecilia  has “used social media to build an empire depicting incredible insight in her art and writings as a global multimedia professional! She represents a fine example as a unique role model for young girls and women, especially those living in the Far South East Asia and overseas Chinese”.

Like Hillary Clinton she received a very high award for her activity “Woman of Action”.

But , above all, Cecilia is an  artist.

Visual expressions- Cecilia W Yu-

Cecilia W Yu

Visual expression of a Buddhist poem

With   strong roots in Chinese Calligraphy Art, Cecilia’s   paintings   are  not only a form of decorative art but the supreme visual art too.

Visual expressions – Using calligraphy style  for self-expression, interacting with  viewers and inviting them to meditation , using the curves lines of mandala or other mysterious graphic aids, Cecilia helps us to find the  innocence of  Tantric Buddhism  and true love.

Under her hand , the forms come to life,  glow  pastel colors, helping to create harmony  between  unspoken poems, symbols and visual impact.

Watercolor, gold & silver pigments on Canvas framed in silk delight the eye.


Visual expressions reflect   a Buddhist poem:

“Like the lotus which does not abide in water, like the glowing moon which does not belong to space”; so,   the painting – 2 m x 1 m – on white silk it’s a poem in colors.

The Confucian emphasis on the ethical values mingles with Daoist emphasis on the workings of nature.

In the same time, the fusion between Chinese Calligraphy and Early Florentine art is able to express the Buddhist Philosophy.  Thus, the painting will    yearn  for an unconditioned state free of suffering and limitation.

Buddhist Philosophy

With a polyvalent religious meaning, Lotus flower is associate with purity and beauty.

Buddhist religion   says that the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of Buddha develop therein the lotus blossoms.

Also, according to the metaphysic of ancient Egypt we have the following image:   during the night the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water.

Next morning reborn being associated with the sunrise.

As you can see, in this painting, Cecilia uses plastic language to capture similarities between ancient religions.

Thus, the purity of forms urge us to meditation.

The expressive power of calligraphy and  the painted elements   of the natural world increase the harmony.

Cecilia represents the gracefulness of the lotus flowers on the surface of water.

Water  reflects  the sun merging calligraphy with painting.

In the same pictorial register

Egyptian-Sino fusion sketch:

“Ancient Roots, Modern woes” reflects common liaisons between Australian Aboriginal art and Ancient Egyptian Art.

So, both of them are highly stylized and symbolic.

Cecilia  added  here  the elegance of Chinese paintings.

Thus, the painting seems to tell us about her life experiences, acquirement, self-cultivation and individuality.

The Eye of Ancestor turns into the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, power and good health.

Thus, it  is turns into The Eye of Horus.

He will   understand the Dreamtime Stories of modern life.




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